Sue Zipp


UN Delegate at Association of World Citizens

United Nations Consultant.



United Nations Representative

Association of World Citizens

1978 – Present  42 años

Vice President and UN Delegate.

International Advisor

Toda Institute for Peace Studies and Policy Research

1998 – Present  22 años

Study and Educate others about SGI President’s UN Peace Proposals.


Communications Coordination Committee for the United Nations

1978 – Present 42 años

Unite and network global NGOs to assist those in developing countries in social, economic, educational and sustainable development.

Global Member

11 Days of Global Unity

2005 – Present 15 años

Keynote Speaker on Peace and Humanism.

Executive Director

2001 – Present 19 años

Citizens for a UN People’s Assembly is a program of Empower The UN.

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Radio, Television, Print Media

1964 – Present 56 años

Interviews, Entertainment and Public Relations.


Earth Charter Initiative

1992 – Present  28 años

Global Sustainability, Ecological Integrity, Social and Economic Justice, Peace, Democracy.

Global Member

Soka Gakkai International

1969 – Present  51 años

San Francisco, CA; Zeist, Holland, The Netherlands; Taiwan; China; Italy

Produce international conferences blending Buddhist principles with the mission of the United Nations.


Unity Foundation

1995 – Present 25 años

Media and Public Relations.

Executive Director

Global People’s Assembly

2000 – April.  2013 13 años

Develop international representatives on every continent to address global issues in local communities. GPA was launched in 2000 as a result of many years as co-chair of the Millennium People’s Assembly Network.

Past Board Member

World Federalist Movement

1996 – 2008 12 Years.

Contributing to Organizational decision making; Attending Board Meetings in Global locations; Managing daily activities and NGO groups of the World Federalist Association.


Action Coalition for Global Change

1975 – 1999 24 Years.

San Francisco, CA

Under the direction of Dr. Lucile Green to include the voice of the people in UN and global decision making. ACGC worked with others to initiate the Global Peoples and Parliamentary Assembly movement.


Arts and Entertainment Magazine

January 1976 – December 1995 20 Years.

Calendar of Events Editor for Monthly Publication.