Prof. René Wadlow


René Wadlow is the President of the Association of World Citizens, an international peace organization with consultative status with ECOSOC, the United Nations organ facilitating international cooperation on and problem-solving in economic and social issues.

Princeton University

Name of the degree: Bachelor’s Degree

Academic Discipline: Special Program in European Civilization, Sociology, Political Science

Study dates or expected graduation date:   – 

After Princeton, I did an MA in International Relations at the University of Chicago and some additional graduate course until mid 1958. Since then, I have worked in Gabon as an advisor to the Ministry of Education, and then was Professor and Director of Research of the Graduate Institute of Development Studies, Geneva, Switzerland.


Transnational Perspectives LL.C.

 January . 1977 – Present.  43 years and  10 months.

A Journal of world affairs with an emphasis on ideas and currents which cross frontiers