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Worker's Day Education of World Citizenships.

International Worker’s Day. A Path of Sacrifices.

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May 1st commemorates the date that definitely marked the fight for labor demands.

Being one of the most important achievements; the reduction of the working day to a maximum of 8 hours a day. Organizing the day in 3 important blocks: 8 hours for rest, 8 hours for leisure and 8 hours of work.

This date is a well-deserved tribute to the men; who sacrificed their lives for this noble cause. Many rights have been won since that historic moment. Society is now clear on the important role that workers play; and how it influences a country’s economy.

Various studies have emerged on human resource motivation, occupational health and safety, and ongoing training programs. All this in order to forge workers with greater motivation to achieve and of course more productive. Today there are unions, unions and an infinity of organizations that watch over the rights of workers. We must emphasize that there are advances in this matter. But we must ask ourselves as a society.

Have efforts to defend worker rights been sufficient?

That answer is left to the discretion of each citizen. But something must be paid due attention and it is with respect to the salary that each worker receives. In most countries, a minimum wage is stipulated that in theory allows the worker to cover his basic needs. But in practice, is this true?.

Let’s say it depends on the economy of each Country. Perhaps it is one of the economic indicators par excellence. Because if the worker has his needs covered, therefore he must be more productive. And the higher the Productivity the higher the Profitability.

But the current reality is very distant from what should be ideal.

It is no secret to anyone that labor exploitation exists today. And this is more accentuated in countries with economic crises and high inflation rates. Wages are so lower that many formal jobs do not meet even the most basic needs of workers.

It is for this reason that another phenomenon occurs that is Emigration. This process in the worst cases occurs en masse, what many call Exodus. These migratory flows often collapse economies because they literally leave the country without labor, but paradoxically they benefit the economy of the country that receives these migratory masses.

When a country prepares to receive a significant migratory flow; it tends to take advantage of skilled labor at the service of national production, generating wealth and improvements in the quality of life.

Many economic powers today have achieved success through the help of the immigrant workforce. Motivated and grateful to the country that welcomes them, it becomes a labor force with a high rate of productivity and training. Willing to exchange knowledge and experiences.

Of course, not Everything is Rosy.

all the time; there are never a few unscrupulous companies looking to hire cheap labor. Violating the law by NOT canceling the benefits of the law, and in many cases they do not even pay the minimum wage to their immigrant workers.

But these companies sooner or later see their productivity harmed and they lag behind in the competitive market, which is increasingly affected by more motivated workers who are trained to meet the offer demanded by today’s societies.

Competent organizations should focus their greatest efforts on enforcing the law and legislating reforms that protect the worker, both in economically stable countries and in those that are not as prosperous. Because the success or failure of the national economy depends on motivated labor.

Workers must be aware that we are the protagonists of the story and we must demand our rights whenever the occasion requires it.

We must value the sacrifice of those men who gave their all so that today we can enjoy a better quality of life. Continue working to finance an excellent education for our children because one day they will become the entrepreneurs of the future.

With the humanistic quality that they offer new opportunities to the working class and thus be able to continue forging happy and productive human beings because only with work is it possible to generate the technological advances that make the evolution of humanity possible.