Maurice Béjart: Starting Off the Year with a Dance

By René Wadlow January 1st  is the birth anniversary of Maurice Béjart, an innovative master of modern dance. In a world where there is both appreciation and fear of the mixing of cultural traditions;  Maurice Béjart was always a champion of blending
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Mali: More Instability in an Unstable Region.

The 18 August  2020 coup by Malian military leaders brought an end to the unstable government of Ibrahim Boubacar Keita;  widely known by his initials IBK.  He had come to power on 22 March 2012 in another military coup;  which had ended
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Leopold Sendar Senghor.

Who will teach rhythm to the world laid low by machines and cannons,
Who will shout with joy to wake up the dead and the orphans at the dawn?
Say, who will give back the memory of life to the man with eviscerated hopes?…
We are the men of the dance, whose feet regain force by drumming on the hard earth.
Senghor “Prayer to the Masks”