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Israel-Palestine Appeals

Israel-Palestine: Tension-reduction Measures Urgently Needed.

Featured Image: Image by DEZALB from Pixabay.

The Association of World Citizens calls for urgently needed tension-reduction measures in the Israel-Palestine-Lebanon area.

    Tensions have led to a barrage of missils from Gaza and Lebanon and rapid Israeli missiles in return aiming at weaking Hamas and Hezbollah.

    Growing tensions had led to Israeli police  attacking Palestinian worshipers celebrating the holy month of Ramadan within the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound on 5 and 6 April 2023.  The images of Israeli police firing teargas and beating worshipers were widely seen on social media outlets and other media.

High Alert.

    Tensions in the area have been growing since the formation of the Netanyahu – led government with right wing ministers.  Government proposals for changes concerning the court system and the appointment of judges have led to strong and wide-spread protest demonstrations.  However, Palestinian issues were not directly addressed by these demonstrations.

    Tensions between Israel and Iran and Iranian-backed groups in Syria have also been growing.  The dangers of further violence has been raised in the United Nations Security Council, but no positive actions were undertaken.  U.N. peace-keeping forces in Lebanon are on “high alert”.

Urgent call for creative and courageous actions.

    For the moment, there are no high-level public negotiations underway or planned.  Thus, tension-reduction measures must be undertaken as unilateral measures by the government of Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and the government of Lebanon.  Such tension-reduction measures are urgently needed but may be unlikely.  Thus, the Association of World Citizens calls upon civil society organizations and persons of good will to consider what measures can be taken immediately and what structures may be established so that tension-reduction processes continue.  This is an urgent call for creative and courageous actions.

René Wadlow, President, Association of World Citizens.

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