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Citizen Organization. A Right and a Duty.

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When we talk about the Citizen Organization; we immediately imagine protests in the streets, political meetings, or crowds of people demanding their rights, among others. Images of exalted people, police repression and the imminent risk of going to prison come to mind.

Of course; no sane person wants to go through these types of situations; so they prefer to take a position of indifference to injustices and social problems.

“Only the selfish live to solve their problems without caring about anyone else’s”.

Of course; many of us have taken this position at some point.

But; for how long are we going to leave our problems as a society in the hands of others?

Topics to talk about:

  1. Citizen Organization as a Fundamental Right.
  2. Citizen Organization as a Social Duty.
  3. Consequences of Violence and Crime.
  4. Citizen Organization with Clear and Well Defined Objectives.
  5. Citizen Organization with respect to the Educational Level.
  6. Citizen Organization as a Fundamental Right.

Citizen Organization as a Fundamental Right.

As citizens; we have the right to organize ourselves to carry out common goals. Right that is recognized from the universal declaration of human rights to the constitution of any Country in the world. The Citizen Organization is part of our right to freedom of expression, and wanting to play an important role in the decisions we must make as a society.

We cannot wait to react, only when the problem of my fellow human beings also becomes our problem.

This is why we must take charge of our society and thus be part of the change.

Citizen Organization as a Social Duty.

Duty is all those obligations that we have to fulfill as citizens in a society. Although citizen organization is not a primary requirement by local laws or authorities; it does not stop becoming a moral duty. Because as citizens we are union beings; and therefore we must share our ideas and opinions to generate proposals, in order to solve problems or innovate processes in our society.

Consequences of Violence and Crime.

However; as a society we have many problems of injustice and inequality  and in many cases we do nothing at all to address them. For this reason; there is a probability that sooner or later these problems will have consequences for ourselves.

It is only enough to mention the high rate of unemployment, corruption and social inequality that is registered in Latin America; and all this in turn generates serious consequences; drastically increasing Poverty and the levels of Crime and Violence that exist in the region. Directly affecting citizens without distinction of social class.

Citizen Organization with Clear and Well Defined Objectives.

It is for this reason that in the Association of Citizens of the World; we invite all citizens to commit to the problems of their society; evaluating their strengths and weaknesses with respect to the contribution they can provide to generate proposals.

A society where its citizens have the initiative to create a Citizen Organization with clear and well-defined objectives;  becomes proactive citizens, capable of demanding that their leaders comply with the established objectives; in turn contributing to the decrease of the indices of corruption and social inequality; because they become an entity of social control.

Citizen Organization with respect to the Educational Level.

Undoubtedly; one of the most important aspects that these organizations focus on is the constant improvement of quality in the educational system; because a society that has education is capable of generating citizens; who direct their efforts to the research; this in order to carry out effective contributions to solve the problems of your community.

Creating an environment conducive to promoting Citizen Participation, the right to belong and the firm belief that only together can the important changes that society needs be promoted.

“Only the Citizen Organization is capable of preventing and solving the problems of its society”.

Today more than ever, society needs us. As citizens we have the right and the duty to focus all our efforts, in order to guarantee a more dignified and just life for all human beings.

Reflections of Elio Pinto.

“Just one more citizen of this world, and this should be enough”.


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