Richard St. Barbe Baker: The Life of the Forests

by Rene Wadlow. Today, there is a growing awareness that cooperation is required to protect and manage integrated ecosystems which cross national frontiers.  This is particularly important in the case of forest management.  Trans-frontier conservation cooperation, in which two or more States cooperate in
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Albert Einstein: Remember Your Humanity and Forget the Rest.

There lies before us, if we choose, continual progress in happiness, knowledge and wisdom.  Shall we, instead, choose death, because we cannot forget our quarrels?  We appeal as human beings to human beings: R ember your humanity, and forget the rest.                                             – Russell-Einstein Manifesto, 1955
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Robert Muller: Crossing Frontiers for Reconciliation

by Rene Wadlow The time has come for the implementation of a spiritual vision of the world’s affairs.  The entire planet must elevate itself into the spiritual, cosmic throbbing of the universe.                                                             Robert Muller (1923-2010) Robert Muller, whose birth anniversary we mark on
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René Dumont (13 Mar 1904 – 18 Jun 2001): Focus of the Small-Scale Farmer and Social Justice.

Awareness building is often a long process. Thus recognition of the ideas of René Dumont has come nearly two decades after his death with the vote on 17 December 2018 by the United Nations General Assembly of the U.N. Declaration on the
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Leopold Sendar Senghor.

Who will teach rhythm to the world laid low by machines and cannons,
Who will shout with joy to wake up the dead and the orphans at the dawn?
Say, who will give back the memory of life to the man with eviscerated hopes?…
We are the men of the dance, whose feet regain force by drumming on the hard earth.
Senghor “Prayer to the Masks”