Louise Diamond has traveled the world on her quest to promote peace and end the violence that tears families, towns, and nations apart. Based on her life’s work and that of other peace builders, Diamond has uncovered four spiritual principles that create the essential foundation for peace. A fascinating and thoughtful expose, The Courage for Peace deals with peace on every level and takes us from the room of a little boy who sleeps with a toy rifle to the unrest in the Balkans, and finally to the devastating increase of violence in our communities and what we must do about it now. With information on scores of peacemaking organizations, this book is truly a call to save the world, one action at a time. From schoolyards to war zones, the issue of peace has never been more crucial. We are bombarded daily with headlines and televised imagery reminding us that people all over the world are suffering in many different ways, not only in Kosovo and Kashmir.


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Product Description

(Berkeley, CA : Conari Press, 2000, 263pp).

Louise Diamond;  a co-founder of the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy in Washington, DC;  works in areas of inter-ethnic conflict to empower peacebuilders.

Our power to empower is perhaps the most important role;  we can play in the 21st century. The more individuals; who feel empowered to work in their own systems for peace and conflict transformation; the closer the world comes to that critical mass that will allow for a massive leap of consciousness; allowing new processes for peace;  that were previously unimaginable to become normative and easy.”

She stresses in her book that the Spirit of Peace is a living process;  encoded in our hearts, embodied in our words; expressed through our thoughts and empowered through our choices. Peace:

“Is the everyday practical matter of how we can live together harmoniously; dealing creatively and effectively with the inevitable differences; hurts and fears that arise in human relationships… On a larger scale; peace is a political goal of nations and peoples; on a smaller scale; inner peace is a personal goal for those of us; who are trying to live more consciously within this frenzied world.”

Author: Louise Diamond.

Print length : 263 pages.

Publisher : Red Wheel (December 31, 1999).

About the Author

Louise Diamond is an educator and consultant whose life is devoted to helping people live in peace. She is the cofounder and president of the Institute for MultiTrack Diplomacy, which works in places of ethnic conflict around the world. Diamond has published, with Ambassador John McDonald, MultiTrack Diplomacy: A Systems Approach to Peace (used as a textbook at twenty universities in five countries), produced a film on the IsraeliPalestinian conflict, and written numerous articles for professional and community journals. A frequent presenter at international conferences, she lives in Lincoln, Vermont.


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