Practicing is simple. Nothing forced, nothing violent, just settling into our place. “Deep ecology,” a term originated in 1972 by Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess, is emerging as a way to develop harmony between individuals, communities and nature. DEEP ECOLOGY–the term and the book–unfolds the path to living a simple, rich life and shows how to participate in major environmental issues in a positive and creative manner.

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Bill Devall and George Sessions.

(Layton, UT: Gibbs Smith, 1985, 267pp.)

In his Small is Beautiful Fritz Schumacher wrote:

In the affairs of men;  there always appears to be a need for at least two things simultaneously;  which on the face of it;  seems to be incompatible and to exclude one another.  We always need both freedom and order.  We need the freedom of lots and lots of small;  autonomous units;  and, at the same time, the orderliness of large-scale, possibly global, unity and co-ordination.”

Likewise;  there must be transformation; both at the individual level as well as collective change.  The two are closely linked.  Only a whole and autonomous person can act, resist, walk away, and build something new.  However;  collective change is something more than the sum of individual changes.  Collective change is a vision for a society.  Thus;  individual change and political action must go together.

Author: Bill Devall and George Sessions.

Paperback : 280 pages.

Publisher : Gibbs Smith Publisher (March 30, 2007).

About the Author

Bill DeVall has been a guest lecturer and featured speaker at universities in the United States and Australia and at national and international environmental conferences.

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